from Rotterdam to the sea


Panorama drawing

The Dutch artist Ronald Huynen is working on an extremely long drawn panorama. It is a highly detailed pen-drawing of both banks of the New Waterway between Rotterdam and the North sea. Each riverbank will not be drawn higher than two inches, but will have a estimated length of more than thirthy metres (100 feet).

The artist sits at the riverside, and draws the opposite side of the river on a scroll of paper. He 'describes' his view. When the drawing has reached the end of his view, he moves a along the river, scrolls his paper, and starts drawing his new view. This way he is drawing his way to the sea. He draws as accurate and consistent as possible. Everything is in proportion: it is a perspective through space and time. Because of the large amount of detail and drawing an overview on both macro- and micro-level is created. An image of Rotterdam, and a journey behind the horizon.

Eventually the panorama will be printed in a book. The drawing will be cut in many strokes and placed under each other. So one can read strips of panorama like one can read written lines of a text. One can read from the city to the sea and back.

Boat panorama drawingRonald Huynen
The book